Venus in Fur, by David Ives

Noordhaus and Solstice present Venus in Fur, by David Ives

“Venus in Fur”, David Ives‘ cheeky adaptation of Leopold Sacher-Masoch’s erotic 1870 novel, is an intense and intimate exploration of power dynamics between director and actor, men and women, gods and mortals. This modern day battle of the sexes tells the story of contemptuous writer-director Thomas Novachek and aspiring actress Vanda Jordan, who has come to audition for Thomas’ play Venus in Fur… Vanda might be more than Thomas bargained for, however, when both of them get caught up in the characters they’re playing and take turns at playing master and slave.

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meet Vanda Jordan:

“You don’t have to tell me about sado-masochism. I’m in the theatre!”

Explosive, unexpected, foul-mouthed, and hours late for her audition slot. She hopes to land the role of the poised and awe-inspiring Vanda Dunayev (She’s even got her name, she’s perfect for the part!). Being an undoubtedly eccentric character, Vanda might end up surprising everyone during this audition as she proves that her take on Dunayev is a truly unforgettable one.

Played by Alex Manktelow

Alex is a powerhouse of artistic and theatrical talent both on stage and behind the scenes. Her most recent role was the one of Hermia, in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. She’s lended her skills to the costume and makeup department of many plays in the past decade, including for our most recent “Endgame”.

meet Thomas Novachek:

“This is a chemical reaction. Two people meet and ignite each other.”

After a long, long, frankly exhausting day of auditioning a range of disappointing actresses, Thomas Novacheck – adapter and director of Venus in Fur – is ready to go home and try again another day. When all hope of finding an someone fit to play Vanda Dunayev seems lost, a last auditionee bursts into the audition room.

Played by Oisín Moyne

Best known as director of “Waiting for Godot” (2023) Oisín’s theater endeavors see him fit as a stage and voice actor, as well as in management positions within several theater groups in the past decade, culminating in the co-foundation of Noordhaus. His most recent role was the one of Clov, in Noordhaus’ 2024 edition of “Endgame”, by Samuel Beckett.

Directed by Medeea Anton & Berber Aardema

Through the lens of the controversial erotic 1870’s novel of the same name, Venus in Fur explores themes of power-dynamics, misogyny, and the difficulty of being truly real and vulnerable with other human beings. It does so by contrasting the Victorian setting of the 1870’s novel to our own modern day society, with a healthy added dose of references to the ancients and mythology. Venus in Fur challenges the idea that a modern society is inherently superior to those of the past.

How different are our issues from those who came before us, after all? Have we improved on issues of race, class, and gender, or have they only become more nuanced and difficult to spot – making it easier to get away with prejudice and misconduct? Is it right to worship times gone by, even if its values are outdated, or must we always place the past in a perhaps ill-fitting modern context?

Our crew:

Costumes: Alex Manktelow, Medeea Anton
Makeup: Alex Manktelow
Sets and props: Robin Heiminge, Oisín Moyne, Jadwiga Michlewicz, Geronimo Cappelli
Light and sound: Geronimo Cappelli


Alex Manktelow


Oisin Moyne


Jadwiga Michlewicz


Geronimo Cappelli