Endgame, by Samuel Beckett

Noordhaus presents Samuel Beckett’s Endgame

Endgame tackles pain, ageing, codependency, authority, regret, memory, authorship, writer’s block. I find the theme of cyclicity being one of the most dreadfully engaging: Beckett deals with human nature through reference and repetition, and so brilliantly makes us feel as sick as his characters. He brings us into a barren and arid world that sadly becomes ever easier to envision.

– Medeea Anton, Director

Our cast:

Ivan Pickman
as Hamm

Oisín Moyne
as Clov

Roy Schepers
as Nagg

Jana Riederer
as Nell

Ivan Pickman (Hamm)
Prolific and ubiquitous in both English and Dutch speaking theater groups in Groningen, Ivan’s bold stage presence has been bringing him main roles one after the other. With Hamm, he furthers his Beckettian streak after having been Vladimir in “Waiting for Godot”.

Oisín Moyne (Clov)
Best known as director of “Waiting for Godot” (2023), Oisín’s theater making endeavors see him fit as a stage and voice actor, as well as in management positions within several theater groups in the past decade, culminating in the co-foundation of Noordhaus.

Roy Schepers (Nagg)
Usually found on an improv stage, Roy’s passion for theater has involved him on and off stage under many different maker guises. Actor, author, director and coach, he is drawn to explore play, improvisation, repetition, as can be seen in his “Lazarus Escape” (2023).

Jana Riederer (Nell)
Evolutionary biologist by day and absurdist theater buff by night, Jana brings a unique and starkly characterful aspect to her theatrical enterprises. On stage, backstage (or among the audience), she always makes her theatrical presence known.

Our crew:

Alex Manktelow


Keira Drake


Jadwiga Michlewicz


Oisin Moyne


Geronimo Cappelli


Costumes: Alex Manktelow
Makeup: Alex Manktelow, Keira Drake, Jadwiga Michlewicz
Sets and props: Oisín Moyne, Jadwiga Michlewicz, Geronimo Cappelli, Keira Drake
Light and sound: Geronimo Cappelli