Meet Noordhaus!


We are happy to announce the birth of Noordhaus International Theater Company!

Our foundation was born with a goal in mind: broadening the cultural offering in The Netherlands for English language theater, as well as facilitating the production of theater plays across the country. Our focus is mainly directed at the absurdist repertoire of the late twentieth century.

Who are we?

Noordhaus is run by a three member board comprised of experienced theater producers and technicians:

  • Medeea Anton – chair
    Former chair of GUTS (Groningen University Theater Society), she has been producing, directing and starring in theater plays since her early high school years, and she has found a propension for the managerial side of the theater operation. As a conational of Eugen Ionescu, she has a deep rooted relationship with the absurdist repertoire.
  • Oisín Moyne – treasurer
    Once again a former chair of GUTS, he has directed and starred in numerous plays since his settling in The Netherlands. He is particularly fond of his conational author Samuel Beckett, and has recently directed an independent rendition of Waiting for Godot (produced by Medeea Anton). He is a flexible figure when it comes to theater administration.
  • Geronimo Cappelli – secretary
    A classically trained musician, composer and sound engineer, he has recently discovered his love for theater. He has accrued more than a decade of experience with the entertainment industry, and he will focus on Noordhaus’ touring endeavors. At this stage, Geronimo will be coordinating tech for our plays, as well as composing original soundtracks.

What are we up to?

As we prepare for our first production, we are tidying up all of our technical needs and duties. Our first public project will be starting in the coming months, so keep your eyes open for upcoming news!

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